Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Michael comes home today! YAY! It's been a few weeks since I've seen him. I'm just glad he didn't choose a school much farther away. This has been enough of an adjustment for me. Of course, he probably would have done just fine. lol Me? Who knows? It really has been harder than I thought it would be having him gone. Yes, being an 18 year old who knows everything, he can irritate me at times (as I'm sure I do, him), but I miss that kid. He truly is an incredible person, very unique, and not afraid to be himself, and quite honestly, I like people who aren't afraid to simply be who they are, and not fit into all the little boxes we like to use to categorize people.

Yesterday Jim had to work late, and he was dog tired when he got home, so other than dinner, we really didn't spend much time together. I know that's not uncommon for a lot of couples, but Jim and I aren't exactly typical. We are each other's best friend, and still very much in love even after 21 years of marriage (though we aren't mushy gushy in la la land with each other every second, lol . We have our moments when it's not all romance & cuddly wuddly & sometimes we can even irritate each other. Mostly him though since I'm ALMOST perfect. :-) Hey it's my blog. I can make a visit to Make Believe World every once in a while. But the thing with us is even though we still have our moments or hours, we always come back to the feel good kinda love. Yes, it's work, but it's not hard really. It helps that we genuinely do basically like each other and get along and stuff. I mean, if he were a girl, I'd pick him for a friend. So while I do believe having a good marriage definitely takes work, for me it doesn't usually feel like some major sacrifice. More like working at a job you enjoy. And he feels the same way, which helps. Anyway, all that to say that we usually spend most of our free time together.

Yesterday, I did my Bible study, made the meals, had Kelley clean up the kitchen (Praise God she was totally feeling fine when she woke up!), and worked on my room. I made a lot of progress there. I got everything in the visible areas picked up, got rid of trash, moved stuff that belonged other places, sorted the mountain of laundry sitting on my closet floor, took one of the laundry baskets downstairs to the laundry room, and then I actually went through my entire wardrobe and really weeded it out. I got rid of anything that was stained (even a little bit) faded, really worn or torn in any way, or that just plain didn't look good on me. I ended up filling two and a half plastic trash bags. I really don't wanna donate this stuff cuz I don't wanna wish it on anyone else. It's bad enough to be broke. You shouldn't have to get stuck wearing icky clothes on top of it. The nice thing is that now I actually have this thing called room in my dresser drawers. And things are organized instead of all mixed together. Tshirts in one place, tanks in another, sweaters somewhere else. Hey I'm liking this. It's kinda cool being a little bit normal. What I noticed though is that I have a lot of dressier clothes. Not like evening wear dressy, but like stuff you'd wear to work or church. Though these days pretty much anything goes for most churches, but I usually still like to dress up a little. Mainly cuz I like pretty clothes, and church is about the only place where I go that a bit dressier clothes aren't out of place or impractical. I definitely need more casual clothes. The challenge of course, being that I really don't wear pants. While there are plenty of skirts and dresses for sale, most of them, esp winter ones are pretty dressy. But they are around. Mostly online though. I also wanna get some full aprons. I have one that I love but could use a couple more because I'm kind of a messy person when I cook, clean, do projects, etc. , and now that I got rid of the stained stuff, I'd really like to keep even my casual at home clothes nice looking. I also need more socks and tights and maybe another couple cardigans and thicker long sleeved shirts. Then I should be totally set. Oh and maybe another couple shapers to hold it all in til I lose the weight, although I still might need em cuz then I'll be left with the jiggly skin like a deflated balloon cuz I dont have a gazillion bucks sitting around for plastic surgery. Oh and jumpers. I'd like a couple of those cuz I don't have any and I could use another dress or two. So if you know of any 3X or size 24 Or 22s that run a bit lrg or 26s that run a bit small that have any of those things that they want to declutter, hey I'm here to help. lol.

Today I decided that I need to make it a habit to eat within an hour of getting up. I've been blogging first thing, which still wouldn't be a problem, but usually before I manage to get downstairs I end up getting texted, skyped, emailed, and it's just so much fun to talk to people that I get sidetracked and by the time I get down to the kitchen to grab coffee and breakfast, it's lunch time. So starting tomorrow I'm gonna head downstairs as soon as I wake up, and get my coffee and breakfast. Today in addition to my usual making meals, doing my Bible study lesson, and continuing to work on my room. I still need to wash the bedding, dust, windex, & vacuum. Also, I wanna keep going with the laundry. This getting the house in order so I can have someone over to dinner is gonna take a while, and I would like to have some fun with a friend before that's all done. So I'm gonna check with Jim about when we might have the money available just so I can get together with a girlfriend or potential girlfriend and go see a movie. I haven't been to the movie theatre in ages. I'm trying to even remember the last one I saw. Oh I think it was Megamind. Jim and I love Pixar and Dreamworks movies. We are kind of overgrown kids at heart.

Tonight I'll have everyone home for dinner. I'm making Italian Turkey Sausage pasta and a salad. Simple fair that everyone should like.

Well that's the scoop for today. Jim has to work tomorrow, but all the kids will be home. Except Cory has basketball practice at 8:00 am. Sheesh! C'mon coaches, there's not even school, and this is only the freshman team, not Varsity. But what can I say? One of his coaches is a student teacher who was on the Varsity team here at the high school when they won the state championship in 07. So he might be a little intense. lol. Nice kid though. Man, you know you're getting older when you realize you could easily be the mom of some of your kids' teachers. Oh well getting older isn't all bad. It means you aren't dead yet.

RubyTink :-)

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