Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm Back

Hey I'm back! My original plan was to blog every day, but sometimes life gets in the way of writing. Imagine that! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was good. I had all my chicks in the nest, everyone was healthy, no major fights or meltdowns, no injuries or trips to urgent care, & all the food turned out well. Hey with 5 kids ,those things aren't as simple as they sound. Now everyone is back to work & school, except Cory who stayed home today cuz his tummy was hurting, but I think he's fine now. Just needed to um take care of some business & now he seems Ok.

It's always hard taking Michael back to school. I mean I'm not in the depths of depression or anything, but there's this little twinge in my heart every time we drop him off & say goodbye. I wonder if it will always be that way with all my kids, or if it's just something you get used to. Not overwhelming sadness but just this little melancholy that lasts for a short while. I'm fine now, but definitely looking forward to Christmas break which will be in another 3 weeks. Then he'll be home for 3 weeks! Of course, he does spend about half his time home with friends, but I'll take him half time. Hey it's better than nothing.

Well, during these last several days, I really haven't made any forward progress. I have been making meals , so at least I'm keeping up there. I've spent ALOT of time skyping, texting, & talking with friends online. Also just hanging out with Jim, playing Scrabble, which btw I WON BOTH games last night, beating him by over 100 points in one of them,and scoring over 300, thank you very much.

So today, it's a new week, & my plan is to keep moving forward. Nothing new to add at this point. So it will be making meals; tonight's dinner is chicken parmigiana (Don't be too impressed cuz I'm using the frozen one that comes in a box, something I very rarely do cuz with a large family, premade frozen stuff gets expensive fast cuz I need to buy 2 or 3 of the entrees. At close to 6 ft & over 180, & playing sports, Cory definitely eats a lot as does Jim who also isn't a small guy at 6'2''& while not at all chubby, is definitely no stick figure either). But hey I'm making my sides from scratch: zucchini rice casserole & applesauce.

I also will do laundry & continue to work on my room: picking up, washing bedding, dusting& windexing, & vacuuming. Then I'll make plans with someone to go see a movie. I'm not sure who yet. I was gonna ask if any of you faithful followers wanna go, but none of you are local people. Let's see the closest one is about a 2 hour drive from my house. But hey if any of you wanna come on over from your part of the world I'd be glad to go with you. I haven't even checked out if there are any decent movies playing. I still haven't seen Courageous, but I think I'd like to see that one with Jim, & I don't know if it's the kind of movie I'd like seeing twice.But hopefully, there might be something playing that isn't disgusting, stupid, or filled with people flashing their personal body parts or inventing new ways to use swear words. Also, a plot would be nice.

Well, guess it's time to make myself presentable & actually work on DOING the plan I've written about.

Ruby Tink :-)


  1. Go see the new muppet movie! Really!!!


  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Bethie.