Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where to Begin

Well so far, so good with this blog thing. But I have another tech question. When Jim was reading here yesterday, I was still signed in, so when he clicked follow, guess who got added to my list? I'm thinking I really don't need to be following my own blog, lol. So, how do I delete myself? Also, Jim ended up putting himself on there twice. While I LOVE that he supports me and likes my blog (the entire one day's worth of it), I think he only needs to be listed once as a follower. So, how can I delete one of him but keep the other? See I told you that I was technology challenged. Now you know I really wasn't kidding.

Everything feels chaotic to me right now. I've been sick for almost a week and really haven't done diddly squat. Seriously, I've stayed inside and have been living in my jammies. And you all know what happens when mama is down. Things get all wigged out and out of order. This morning I'm starting to feel somewhat human again. Coffee hasn't kicked in yet. But I'm not all the way there. I still have throat issues. Got that lovely hoarse gravelly voice at the moment and the lovely perpetually dripping nose. Still coughing some, but at least I no longer feel that I'm going to cough up an entire lung. Maybe only half. But most of this has seemed to move out of my chest and back into my throat and nose, which I guess is good, right? And hey if I have to be sick, at least it's not a tummy virus. I'd rather have just about anything other than that. I think being nauseated and all that follows is worse than being in pain or having a terrible cold. So I'm thankful that it's not the puking deal AND that I'm on the upswing of this. OK enough talk of my ailments. I'm starting to sound like an old lady, and I've decided that no matter what my age, I'm not gonna get old. I'll probably be one of those 100 year old ladies who still gets highlights in her hair and wears pink rhinestone glasses and fully enjoys life, cuz at that point who cares what anyone thinks?

So here I sit. Martin Luther said, "Here I stand!" But he must have already had his coffee and probably hadn't been sick for the past week. Life feels very out of order because I've gotten behind on everything. It's probably not as chaotic as it feels, but I get easily overwhelmed when I see all the mess, both literal house messiness and undone other stuff like kids' school work and my Bible study lesson for Thursday and not being anywhere near where I want to be in all my life areas. I know the advice is to break things down into small bite size pieces and go from there, but sometimes it's hard for me to figure out how to do that. Yes, I know you eat an elephant one bite at a time, but exactly how do you carve it up? How big should those bites be? And which part of the elephant should you start eating first? Should you just pick something and go with it? I've heard the advice start with the highest priority or what bugs you most. But it ALL bugs me. I've heard some people say start with the internal and the external will naturally follow; I've heard others say the exact opposite. Do you pick an easy thing first? Or do you pick something that shows , is more obvious? Cuz these things give you a quicker sense of accomplishment, right? Or do you pick a hard thing first cuz after that the other stuff will be easy? And how many goals or different areas should you tackle at once? And do you need to totally complete one goal or change before adding another in? But what about those things that are just sort of ongoing, that you never really complete, but they are things you want to add in or move out of your life? Do you count that goal as accomplished once you start doing it, or do you wait awhile til it's pretty much something you're used to doing before bringing on the next challenge? And if you wait awhile, how long should it be before you say, Ok I've got this pretty well established. Now onto the next adventure? So now you can see why I have a hard time implementing goals. Sometimes I feel like I'm just not normal because other people seem to know this stuff intuitively. Was I absent when they taught this in Life 101? Is this maybe an ADHD thing? But do I really even have ADHD cuz aren't hyper people skinny cuz they're always bouncing off walls? My mind feels like it's hyper but my body isn't. I can sit still if something isn't too boring, and I'm not like those hyper little kids that are perpetual motion machines.

So the question is: what about today? what about right now? Do I sit here and continue to allow my unanswered questions to keep me in the "deer caught in the headlights" motionless state? Yep.( Just kidding! Gotcha.) Well duhhhhh, no. Something's better than nothing. So I'll start with today. First step will be the question"What's going on today that has a particular time frame attached to it?" (Time is a challenge for me, which drives Jim crazy. God has a sense of humor putting someone like me together with Mr. Prompt, lol) OK, Kelley has a dental appt, and Cory a dr's. Kelley's is first @ 1:30, which means we should leave the house by about 1:10. Now before we leave the house, I need to take care of my appearance cuz after just hanging around at home sick for a week...... well I won't go into graphic details, but suffice it to say I'm a little scuzzy at the moment. So top on my agenda for today is to shower, do all my personal grooming stuff, get dressed in clean clothes, fix my hair, and do my make up. I'm really not a particularly pretty person, but I FEEL prettier when I do all that stuff, which then helps me feel more upbeat and confident. I mean everyone looks and feels better when they've put themselves together. Beautiful, gorgeous people look even more lovely, and ugly people even look presentable. And it works for that vast majority of us who fall at various places between those extremes.

The other thing I'm gonna do is my lesson that's due on Thursday for Community Bible Study. I'm also going to see if we can start getting a ride from someone since the weather will be turning colder and this week is a brunch, so I'll also have to bring something, and that can be a pain when you're trying to walk there with 3 kids. In addition to reading for Bible study, I'm working on reading through the Bible. Ok technically, it's a read through the Bible in a year plan, but there are some days I don't get it done or finish only part of it, and besides I didn't start it in January anyway, so for me it's more like read through the Bible in a decade. Ok I exaggerate, but maybe it's more like read through the Bible in 15 months or something. I'm not really hung up on the gotta do it in a year thing. I'm just not that rigid of a person. The main thing is to read through it. Period. If it's 15 or 16 months instead of 12, I think the universe will continue to run. But I haven't been doing that,( reading my Bible that is, not running the universe---- Trust me, I would SO not be the right person for that job. You would need highly developed organizational skills, and besides it probably requires things like math and physics, and oh I do not wanna even THINK about going there) Anyway, so today I'm just gonna jump back in where I was at.

Ok for starters anyway, we'll go with those 3 things for today anyway. It's a beginning, right? Hey feel free to give input here as that's part of the reason I'm doing this blog and opening it up to whoever.I would like to glean from the wisdom of others. I'm really not a stupid person. Actually, I'm kind of smart. It's OK to say that cuz I know I didn't do that myself. It's something God put in me, although sometimes I wish He had given me the gift of being gorgeous or artistically or musically talented cuz those things seem SO much more FUN than being smart, but the grass is always greener somewhere else, right? Besides, I'm quite sure He knew what He was doing when He created me. But although I'm intelligent, this whole "getting it together" and having all areas of life functioning well and moving forward toward excellence has ALWAYS been a struggle for me. Partly I think because I'm not great at multitasking. I know women are supposed to be good at that, but this is an area where as an individual I don't fall into the generalization. Anyway, that's enough ramblings for now.

Ruby Tink :-)

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