Friday, December 2, 2011

Wow! Is it really the 2nd day of December already? How did that happen? Oh I know. I blinked! lol. I wanted to start our Advent devotions last night, but there was a Christmas party at my mom's nursing home. Then when we came home, Jim wanted to watch Cars 2 as a family. I thought maybe we'd do the devotion afterward, but it took me forever to even find the book. In my defense it IS small & hey I think I might have mentioned a time or two that I'm organizationally challenged. But even after I found it, I saw that we needed supplies that I didn't have on hand for the activity part, so we skipped last night. I think they do build on each other though, so tonight we'll just double up. I have to grocery shop today anyway, so i'll just pick up the supplies while I'm @ Walmart aka "the cabin." which you might remember from an earlier post. I'm looking forward to starting this.

Well, I've made SOME progress this week, though not nearly as much as I had planned. Seems like I always plan more than I actually do. A friend was really helpful in getting me to focus on my priorities the other day, taking me through things step by step & even having times for check in. That really helped. Part of me is embarrassed that I seem to need so much direction/structure, etc. cuz I feel like this is something that women esp usually have so internalized. Girls are supposed to be neat, tidy, organized, right? In so many other ways I'm such a typical feminine girly girl, but in this area I'm more like a 5 year old ADHD boy. Anyway, it is what it is & at least I'm moving in a forward direction. So I did finish in my room. Now I just have to keep on top of it with daily & weekly cleaning, & thanks to my friend's sage advice, I had the kids pick up all the stuff that was on the stairs. I'm going to ask Jim to vacuum them today too. So I figure if I have the kids pick up the stairs each day & maybe have Jim vacuum them twice a week, that should keep them safe & decent looking. So my cleaning project for today will be our main bathroom. SCARY! I wouldn't want anyone outside my own family going in there now. It needs to be picked up, trash emptied, sink, toilet, tub, mirrors all cleaned, vanity dusted, & the floor swept & washed as well as fresh towels put out. My towels are all really ratty. Maybe I'll get a couple new ones while I'm at Walmart today. Once I get the bathroom cleaned up, I plan to stay on top of it with daily pick up, trash emptying, wiping the sink & toilet seat & rim with disinfecting wipes & using a little toilet cleaner with a quick swirl of the toilet brush each day as well as windex wiping the mirrors, then once a week cleaning the whole sink, toilet, tub & sweeping & washing floors. That should keep it nice.

So for today it's kids' schooling, Bible study lesson, making lunch & dinner, cleaning the bathroom, grocery shopping, starting the Advent devotions, & inviting a friend to a movie. That should keep me joyfully busy being a wife, mom, homekeeper, friend & spiritually nourished all around everyday diva.

RubyTink :-)


  1. Busy lady! I am sewing 18 navy blue things. Does that seem as unreasonable to you as it does to me?


  2. Sheesh! Somebody needs to add some COLOR to their wardrobe. lol. Or maybe they just like the Navy. Perhaps you should include the musical accompaniment to "Anchors Away" when you ship their order.

    One of these days when I get some money I will have my own little order for you to fill, but it won't b all navy. lol. Just denim & black & maybe some khaki colored jumpers & skirts & of course, I'll have to have some things with color in it too SO YOU CAN HAVE A LITTLE FUN WITH IT.