Monday, December 19, 2011

Ah Monday! Yesterday I did manage to get my Bible study lesson done, my room picked up, do some laundry, & have the kids pick up the junk on the stairs. I was going to clean up the bathroom, but we were out of trash bags & Michael had the car all evening. He did puick some up on his way home, but by then I was in my jammies & done for the day.

Today I'm feeling ALL the way better & no toothache. Yay yay! Same plan as usual as far as getting stuff done & now that we have trash bags, I can clean better. It's awfully frustrating when you have nowhere to put garbage. Tonight for dinner I'm making ground beef & tortilla skillet, green salad with Italian dressing, corn, & flan (store bought) for dessert. I think everyone will like it, but you never know with my kids. lol We will see.

We also might do some Christmas shopping tonight. Other than that we don't have any particular plans, but that's Ok. I'm not one who likes to be running & busy all the time. I like having unscheduled evenings. I just don't believe it's necessary to be involved in multiple activities outside the home, even if that is the norm for our society. So many people are over committed between work, school, church, sports, lessons, volunteer work, this committee or that project, all good stuff, but seriously when you put it all together, you barely have time to take a breath. No wonder so many people get constipated. Hey who has time to poop anymore? Sorry if that was a little tmi, but you know it's true. lol

Well on that note, I will go & start working the plan & see how much I can get through.

Ruby Tink :-)

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