Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Today Jim went back to work, so it feels like a Monday. I'm so confused. It's Wed but no church tonight. Michael is here ,but Cory's not, so it kinda seems like he's in school. Ok too much going on for my poor little ADHD brain to process. lol.

Anyway, yesterday I got my workout done, shower taken, we worked on school, I did my Bible lesson, straightened up my room, put in a load of laundry & made dinner. Today I'm still planning the usual stuff with the addition of meal planning & making a grocery list for next week. Tonight's dinner will be hamburgers, Romaine lettuce with Italian dressing, & oranges. I just got a text from Jim asking if his friend from work could stop by with his wife & kids to meet me. Sure I don't mind, as long as I don't have to run around cleaning like a crazy woman. Actually, it's not too bad. Both the bathroom & kitchen are reasonably clean (Well except for the bowl of hardened oatmeal sitting in the bathroom cupboard.... Don't ask. Personally, I have no idea who put it there or why they would think that was a good place for it. All I can say is that kids defy logic. At least I HOPE it was one of the kids, lol) The living room is still somewhat cluttered but not scary. So as long as we can keep them out of the basement, I think we should be OK. I don't know when they're coming, but there may even be time to do a quick pick up in the basement after Jim gets home from work. But even if we don't, I refuse to stress over it.

I'm wearing my new skirt that my friend Bethie blessed me with for Christmas! She's a professional seamstress & makes beautiful clothing. I LOVE it! It's denim so it goes with anything & everything, fits perfectly, not tight, but not baggy either. Sometimes I tend to wanna wear baggy stuff being such a plus size girl, but , though I suppose it's better than too tight stuff that shows every fat roll, baggy stuff still isn't flattering. Kinda makes you look like a giant blob. Much better to wear something that shows you do have a shape (just not every detail of that shape, lol). Anyway thank you so much, Bethie! & when I have funds to do so I wanna get several more in this exact same style. Hey it works, & if you just change colors or fabrics you get the benefit of different looks. There aren't a whole lot of styles that actually fit well all over cuz even though I'm plus size, some parts of me are more plus size than others. I'm not perfectly proportioned. So when I do find something that works, I tend to stick with it. & I love denim skirts. They are pretty much my daily uniform. I wear them like I used to wear jeans.

Ok I'm off to tackle the rest of the day's adventures!

Ruby Tink :-)

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