Sunday, December 18, 2011

It is absolutely gorgeous out today! Sunny & 41 degrees & not a bit of snow only a week before Christmas. Not exactly typical Minnesota weather for mid December, which is fine with me. My kids are hoping to have snow for Christmas though.

I'm feeling much better today. It must have been the missing doses of my blood pressure med that was causing me to feel so sick. I got told by more than 1 person that going without it was a VERY bad idea, but I didn't realize suddenly stopping would actually make me feel sick after a few days. I would definitely have taken care of replacing the missing bottle of meds sooner had I known that it was so unsafe & that it would make me feel so miserable to be off it. I guess I just didn't like the idea of throwing $ away on another bottle when I know that the first one has to be SOMEWHERE in my house. I feel like such a spaz losing it. Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do. Now I just have an awful toothache. Oh I feel like a little old lady with all my complaints & ailments. Except I'm not little & I'm not so old. lol. I just took 3 ibuprofen, so hopefully that will help ease the pain. Too bad it's not instant cuz it really is hurting.

Today the coolest thing happened! We've really been struggling financially & haven't even been able to do any Christmas shopping, but this afternoon, someone we don't know showed up on our doorstep to be the delivery person for some people who wish to remain anonymous. They brought a bunch of presents, a small Christmas tree with lights & ornaments, and some Christmas goodies! So now we have gifts under the tree! The kids are so excited & Jim & I are SO thankful.

Last night's movie was a total dud. That's the thing with these independent movies. You don't always know what you're getting. Some can be amazing, like The Last Sin Eater & others are lousy. In the one we saw last night, the plot was SO obvious, most of the acting was mediocre to lousy, the editing was poor as were the seguays. Oh well, at least it wasn't inappropriate or anything.

I didn't get anything done other than grocery shopping yesterday. Today I didn't do the treadmill cuz there wasn't time before church & I don't like to workout once I'm dressed & have my hair & make up done. So we went to church, then I made our Sunday meal: beef with peppers & onions in a sauce made with golden mushroom soup & topped with cheese, which I served over rice. Jim liked it as did most of the kids. Kelley didn't. She HATES peppers & onions & wasn't too crazy about the beef, but she did eat it anyway so she could have some Christmas goodies.

So today my plan is to tackle the same stuff that's been on my plan for a while. Hopefully, I'll be able to actually finish it or at least move farther along than I have been able to. At any rate, I'll do what I can do. Anything is better than nothing.

Ruby Tink ;-)

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