Saturday, December 24, 2011

christmas eve

Church is done. The kids looked great, & of course, Jamesies was absolutely adorable. He was so enthusiastic ringing those bells. It was hard not to crack up. The shopping is finally done, all the gifts wrapped, the food all purchased.So tonight we can just relax & watch a movie & get to bed @ a decent hour. So many Christmas Eves we've been up til the wee hours finishing up the wrapping.

Tonight's service was really cool. I LOVE candle light services, & it's been years since I've been to one. The only downside was that Jim, Cory, & Kelley's wax managed to drip through their paper holders & was a bit warm on their hands. But mine was fine.

My friend Carrie who just had her baby yesterday is on her way home from the hospital. & when they get home they're going to skype with us.The only bummer is they don't have a web cam, so I won't get to see the baby.:-( But Carrie has promised to send me pics.

Anyway a week ago we had nothing under the tree, & now there are what looks like a truckload (or maybe a sleigh load) of presents. Amazing! I know it's not about the gifts,but I still think it's fun to watch everyone open them, & hey, I enjoy presents too.

I still need to make dinner. We're having hot ham & cheese sandwiches & homemade applesauce (so much better than the jar stuff & really easy to make). I also might make some pumpkin bread tonight so we can have it for breakfast tomorrow while we open gifts.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all!

Ruby Tink :-)

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