Thursday, December 29, 2011

Yesterday, the unexpected interrupted my plans (which tends to happen a lot in life especially when you have kids & even more so when you have a lot of kids, lol). Jim's friend didn't end up coming over cuz we had to take James to the dr. He had all the symptoms of a bladder infection, which is pretty rare for boys. I don't think Michael or Cory ever had one, & even my girls have only had it happen once. Our regular dr is taking vacation days right now, so we had to see someone else. She was nice, but is very new. She did say it is unusual for boys to get uti's, so she started him on an antibiotic, & they're going to send his "sample"(which Jim had to bribe him with a quarter to even "produce" cuz it was burning so badly every time he did, but hey it worked) for a culture to see if it actually is an infection & if not , or it doesn't get better or he gets any more infections, they will have to do more invasive testing to see what's up. She said sometimes boys have anatomical problems or I guess can get some kind of blockage or even kidney stones (rare for kids but not impossible) that can cause problems with flow &/or lead to infections. No fun. :-( Let's just hope it's just a simple uti without other causes. He started on the antibiotic last night, & so far today I haven't heard any screaming or crying so hopefully it's starting to take effect & he will now be pain free. These are NOT fun. I have had MANY MANY of them. I don't like when my kids are in pain, especially the little ones.

I did get my Bible lesson & grocery list done, so that was something anyway.

Today I get to have my hair done. Yay! I'm definitely due for a trim & color touch up. I was supposed to get it done a week ago, but my stylist's daughter was taken into Children's Hospital because she was so sick with mono & double pneumonia. Poor kid had to spend Christmas in the hospital! Thankfully, she's back home now.

Anyway, my plan is the same as usual with the addition of grocery shopping. Tonight's dinner will be chili dogs, fries, & yellow cupcakes for dessert.

Ruby Tink :-)

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