Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I can't believe how quickly the days seem to be whizzing by! As far as all my plans go, I've somehow managed to become stuck. Other than meals & school, I've gotten pretty much nothing done the past week. & the past 2 days, we haven't even done school. It seems like one thing after another keeps coming up or postponing my plans or things take longer than I thought they would. Yesterday & today I've had an upset tummy. Not puking or anything, but just feeling kinda icky & by 4:30 yesterday afternoon, I was down for the count. I got up around 6 ish to try to make dinner but felt too lousy to stay up & ended up going back to bed while everyone fended for themselves. I slept off & on until this morning. Guess I'm just at one of those bumps in the road. My tendency in the past has just been to give up for a while, but this time I've decided to just stick with things & do my best to get myself back on track right away.

I'm not adding anything new in for today since I haven't even been keeping up with the stuff I already have on my to do's. So this is my plan. Do school with the kids, work on memorizing a scripture passage that a friend & I are doing together, do my Bible study lesson, do laundry, do my daily & weekly room cleaning, clean the bathroom (which shock of all shocks has become dirty again), plan next week's meals, make a grocery list, look for a family devotional (We never did end up doing the Advent stuff, grrrrrr.), & see about getting together with a friend to see a movie. & of course, make lunch & dinner. Tonight we are having tuna casserole, asparagus, & leftover garlic bread from Tues night.

Not sure how much of this I will actually get done, but it's good to have a plan anyway. That way, if I do get off task due to not feeling well or all the things that can come up in the course of a day, both expected & unexpected, at least I'll know where to jump back in afterward.

Michael comes home tomorrow! Yay! We get him til after New Year's. This will be the longest he's been home since he left in August. Of course, he usually spends a lot of time with his friends, but that's OK. Friends are a good thing, right?

Other than getting our tree up & decorated, we haven't done anything for Christmas yet. We really don't get invited to Christmas parties. Honestly, we don't have any close friends nearby. It's funny, but my closest friends at this point are all long distance. I meet people online who I really connect with, & we talk, text, email, skype, but they live all over the country. Some are even foreign chicks, lol. Ok they're Canadian, which technically is a foreign nation, but um really is for all intents & purposes similar to living in the states. I guess I could have my own Christmas party, but that would require money & a clean house, so maybe next year. Haven't done any shopping, not cuz I'm such a procrastinator, I would LOVE to get my shopping done early, but ya gotta have $ to shop. Stores are funny that way. Oh well, we will do what we can when we can, & it will all work out. God is on the throne , life is good, & I am a blessed woman. & tomorrow I will have all my chicks in the nest for the next couple of weeks! Hooray! (& hopefully they won't kill each other.)

Ruby Tink ;-)

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  1. Everything gets so hard when we aren't feeling well. For me too...and it's hard to know what to do about it really. Glad you got through the week and it will be fun to have all you kids home. Enjoy the simple stuff...these are precious weeks together.