Friday, December 23, 2011

Wow! Just 2 days til Christmas! It's hard to believe! It's crazy at my house right now. Everyone is home & noisy. I haven't gotten much done, but I did manage to workout on the treadmill & take a shower & make myself presentable. My dear friend Carrie finally had her baby this morning. I'm still waiting for them to send pics, but I'm sure she's beautiful. I just wish they didn't live all the way in Pennsylvania cuz I so wanna go see them. & the cool thing is she will get to be home for Christmas!

Anyway, still trying to get through all my daily stuff & still not completing it. SIGH! Not sure at this point really what else to do except continue to plug away, doing what I can each day. We've just had to wait til this week to do Christmas shopping & wrapping cuz we finally have some cash flow thanks to some generous gifts from relatives. So now that's all in the mix of stuff to do. I'm not complaining though. lol. I'm very thankful & I do love to shop & want to bless my family. Tomorrow my 3 youngest kids are in the Christmas program at church. We found really cute outfits for them at"the cabin" Wally World. Matching red velour dresses, white woolen tights, & red sparkly slip on flats for the girls, & a red, gray, & black plaid dress shirt, red sweater vest, black pants & black loafers for James. I think they're going to look adorable, but of course, I am a tad biased. Now I have to figure out what to do with my girls' hair. They both have pretty long fine hair. Kelley's is stick straight, & Haley's is for the most part as well except for a section in the back about 2 inches across where it's very wavy. I'm not handy with hair. I don't know how to do many styles, so this should be interesting.

Today I'm going to try to get as much of my usual stuff done as I can, but I also need to grocery shop, finish up my Christmas shopping, & wrap gifts, so I'm thinking I might not make a whole lot of progress with my plan, but that's OK. It's already 3:00, & we didn't even have lunch,so Jim picked up Papa Murphy's (take n bake pizza) & it's in the oven. This is a weird time to eat. It's so late that I don't think I'll end up actually making dinner. I guess if we get hungry again before bedtime we can just put together something simple or if we are out grab something quick or people can just sort of snack on whatever they wanna get themselves. We'll just play it by ear. A lot of times that's what we do on Sundays cuz we eat our big meal mid to late afternoon ,& I'm not usually hungry for a full on meal later. But man I am hungry now. All I've had so far today is a cup of coffee & 2 poptarts. Can't wait for that pizza to finish.

Well I'm off to do my stuff!

Ruby Tink:-)

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