Friday, December 16, 2011

Today's the day! Jim will pick up Michael after work. My boy is all done with finals, so that ends his first semester. He thinks he did really well too. :-)

Well, yesterday I didn't get everything on my plan done, but I did get through some of it. I made the meals, did some school, memorized a couple of Bible verses, did my Bible study lesson (which was a LONG one), picked up my room (which again had become a big mess), & planned next week's meals, & made my grocery list.

So today, it will be pretty much the same plan except I won't need to do any Bible memorization, but I do need to grocery shop. Tonight for dinner, I'm making beef fajita stir fry & rice. Also, today I'm starting an exercise program. I'm planning to walk 30 minutes a day on the treadmill. That might not sound like a big deal, but I am really out of shape & 100 lbs overweight & haven't done any exercise in a while, so this is a major undertaking for me. It's not a complete lifestyle overhaul at this point, but I figure doing something healthy is better than nothing. Hopefully, it will help me lose weight, but I know there are other health benefits too, so even if it does take more than that to lose weight, at least I know I'm still doing something good for myself.

Anyway, time to go tackle the day.

Ruby Tink :-)


  1. don't worry about taking it real slow with the exercise program - 30 minutes may be too much at first

    would also recommend spending the money for a personal trainer if you haven't done any exercise for awhile to help you get started again without risking injury to yourself

  2. Hi Paul!
    Do I know you? I clicked on your name & I don't recognize you. How did you find my blog? I'm fine with people I don't know reading it, but I'm just curious how someone I don't know would manage to find their way here. If you aren't comfortable sharing with the world at large (though I doubt I have that many people, particularly strangers, interested in this very ordinary, everyday, not so fascinating middle aged chick's blog), you can email me.

    Anyway, I would LOVE to hire a trainer, but honestly, the $ isn't there @ this time. So are you someone who is knowledgeable about exercise & fitness for the non fit? What amount of time would you recommend for starting on the treadmill? I'm open to suggestions people from expert or non. Cuz this is SOOO not my area of knowledge.

  3. I completely forgot to ride my bike this morning. Didn't even enter my mind. So...I have to get it done before the day is out and Ernie comes home. Really, I must! LOL. Hey, stop laughing.

    If you are tuckered after 20 minutes don't push it Annette. My crazy fitness friends talk about getting your heartrate up for 20 minutes at a time and keeping it there. Baby steps.