Saturday, December 3, 2011

Weekend Update

I admit it's not an original title, but I'm not making any $ here so I don't think the folks @ SNL will mind. I did so enjoy that show until it started getting utterly disgusting & gross. Oh for the vintage SNL! Now THERE was some funny stuff.

Well it's the usual story about yesterday. Got some things done, but not all. I did my Bible study, daily room pick up, grocery shopped & made food (even the chocolate cupcakes Haley wanted). I bought most of the things needed for our Advent devotions, but I couldn't find the styrofoam craft wreath we needed @ Walmart, & the nearest Michael's is probably about a 20 or 25 min drive from our house, & it was getting late & Jim still needed to take Cory to get dress pants cuz he's outgrown all of his, but Jim's are still too big for him, & he HAD to get them last night cuz he waited til then to tell us he needed them for TODAY! Why does this not surprise me at all? Today is his first basketball game & for some reason beyond my knowledge or comprehension, the coach wants the boys to dress up for the bus ride & walking into the other school. I guess this is what they'll be doing for all their away games. Dress shirt, dress pants, tie optional. Ok then. Wanna back up the teachers & all, but I'm just thinking, "And the point of this is.......?" Maybe I should ask my new friend I met online to ask her hubby ,who is a high school teacher & football coach, if he could enlighten me on the reasoning behind this.

I'm really bummed to be missing Cory's first game, but Jim has to work today. In fact, he has to work the whole weekend. So I don't have a way to get there. We always try to be @ all of our kids' extracurricular events cuz we think that's so important, but it's hard when there's mandatory weekends scheduled & when we so desperately need the money.

Well today my plan is pretty much the same as yesterday minus school & grocery shopping, so hopefully it's more likely to get done. Tonight is family movie night, so dinner will be sandwiches & chips & Jim will make it. Also I'd like to get to Michael's to pick up the craft supplies to make that wreath.

Anyway hope everyone is having a fun weekend!

Ruby Tink :-)

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