Saturday, December 17, 2011

Well yesterday, I did the treadmill for 20 minutes at the lowest speed & that was still quite a workout for me, but still do able. Didn't feel like I was gonna die or anything after I got done. So I think for now, that will be a good amount. I do wonder though how much I should ultimately work up to, & how often I should increase my time & in what increments. Not sure how you're supposed to figure that out. So any input on that would be great. I was going to work out again just now, but my ipod is outta juice, & this would just be WAY too boring without my tunes, esp those rockin ones by the Newsboys (my fave group), so I'm charging it as I type. Hey maybe I can multi task, lol! I know some people read or watch tv while they do the treadmill ,but that makes me feel queasy to read or watch stuff while I'm moving.

I'm going to add in another thing to help with my health (and possibly weight though I'm really trying not to focus so much on that----- I'm hoping that as I make enough healthy changes the weight will ,eventually anyway ,take care of itself) Other than my morning & occasional afternoon coffee, I'm going to start drinking mostly water. I drink a lot of sugary drinks, some pop (but I hate diet, so the ones I have are pretty much all sugar, which I know is not a good thing), some lemonade, & once in a while fruit juice. I still might do the fruit juice a couple times a week. Yes, I know it has way too much sugar, but @ least it is natural sugar & I am getting some nutrients along with those calories. But mostly I will do the water. I figure that will be a fairly painless way to eliminate some of the empty calories & excess refined carbs from my diet & I really don't mind water.

So for now, those are my two things I'll be doing for my health. I like them because neither one of them feels like deprivation or a huge sacrifice, so I think it will be easier for me to stick with them. I just think the whole mind set of adding in good things rather than just taking away bad, works better for me. Keeps it more positive. I know in practice it's the same thing, but it just makes the focus less unpleasant. At least for me anyway.

Well, Michael is home now & is keeping Cory entertained so he's not bothering his other siblings, which is a nice change. I think he's gotten bored since Michael left, but just won't admit that he misses his brother. Teenagers are so funny!

I didn't end up going grocery shopping yesterday cuz by the time Jim & Michael got home, it was later in the evening. So we just had Little Caesars for dinner. They aren't my fave, but I can tolerate their sausage & plain cheese pizzas, but the pepperoni is NASTY! I took all of two bites before giving mine to Jim. But Caesar's is cheap & fast, & I didn't have to cook, so I won't complain. (But I much prefer Papa Murphy's. Now THAT is delish!)

Not sure what is going on with my body right now. Last night I went to bed @ midnight but woke up about 2 AM with that jumpy adreneline rush feeling & nauseated. My heart was racing & my stomach did not feel right. I took 2 zofran ,which helped bring the queasiness down to a tolerable level so that I could get some sleep off & on. I was starting to feel a bit more nauseated around 9:30 again so I took a couple more & was able to have my coffee about an hour later without feeling like I was gonna hurl. Around 12:30 I had a couple of muffins & they aren't bothering me. I'm doing OK now, but not great. I just feel off kilter. Slightly sinus headachy, somewhat queasy, & my feet & hands were really puffy when I woke up this morning. Also had a sore chest & achiness like body aches, but only in my mid arm area. Weird cuz this combo just doesn't go with any sicknesses that I know about. But I just feel "off" & not quite well, but I don't wanna stay in bed all day cuz that's boring. Besides no fever anyway, & I did get a flu shot several weeks ago so I don't think it's influenza. Maybe it was the yucky pepperoni pizza! lol. But the rest of my family ate it & was fine. I don't know. Hopefully, it will pass. It's just hard to get stuff done when you feel crummy. Feels like you're walking uphill in lead boots just to do simple things, but really not sure what the alternative is. It's not like just lying around helps me feel any better.

Anyway, today I really do have to grocery shop. Tonight is movie night & it's my pic. I saw a netflix streaming movie that looks good. It looks like one of those Hallmark or independent movies & isn't rated, which doesn't make me nervous cuz those movies are usually very family friendly. It's called All I Want for Christmas. Tonight for our traditional sandwich dinner, we'll have ham as our filling & of course, we have to have chips & drink. I'll get a flavored water for myself & something else for the rest of the family. That way, I stay with my healthier choice, but still get a little treat.

So my plan for today is to do my usual stuff. Nothing new at this juncture cuz I'm still not getting through the old. lol. It will happen eventually, right?

Ruby Tink ;-)


  1. Annette, I know you do not want to go to the doctor but does your plan have a phone number where you can speak to a RN? The puffiness and soreness added to the other stuff might be worth checking with someone on. Please?


  2. Thanks for your concern, Bethie. I think I may have figured out what was up, & I am feeling significantly better (still not 100%)today. I missed several days doses of my blood pressure meds cuz I couldn't find the stupid bottle of pills that Jim had picked up. I guess the stuff I was experiencing can be caused by suddenly stopping the meds. Who knew? Anyway, I finally broke down & got replacements & took them last night, so now I'm back on track.