Monday, December 26, 2011

Today has been kind of a weird day. OK I'm going to say this cuz it's mostly a girl's blog, but technically anyone can read this, so if talking about time of month stuff is tmi for you or just bothers you, STOP now. Though I would think most guys who are married & in their 40s or 50s probably can handle hearing it OK cuz I'm guessing they are well aware of our female challenges. I just don't wanna upset any skittish guys. So consider yourself warned.

I am having one of those periods from you know where. It was bad yesterday & still bad today. Even taking 3 ibuprofen isn't entirely getting rid of the pain, & holy guacamole am I ever bleeding A LOT. I don't think dangerously so but definitely enough that I can't work out & am too uncomfortable to do anything physically challenging, like move or clean or even take a shower, which I really do need. I've been in bed A LOT today cuz I've been so tired. I've actually slept off & on for a lot of the afternoon. & I really did wanna work out. That was my plan, but it just didn't happen. Yesterday I was nauseated so I didn't get to enjoy Christmas dinner with my family. I put it all on the table, took a Zofran, & went to bed, sleeping off & on, & was able to eat about 5 hours later. BTW----- The dinner WAS really yummy & the dessert? Oh my! Jim & the kids thought it was amazing & I would have to agree with them. I wasn't able to make it to my mom's. She's probably mad cuz I didn't call her, but I just felt so sick. I was hoping things would ease up today so I could get back into the swing of things but nope. I did make like a pseudo, healthier cheaper version of an egg macmuffin for brunch, but that was about it for activity today. I texted some & was on the computer, then I had to lie down. I've been crampy, bleeding heavily, & just tired even sleepy, & now I'm very thirsty but water isn't sounding good to me. I'm craving fruit juice, which is weird cuz that's just not typically something I would crave. I also am having terrible heartburn even though I've been taking my protonix. Again very unusual for me to have this much breakthrough discomfort. I think something is off kilter here & rocket scientist that I am, I think it's related to my period.

Well I'm not gonna beat myself up over being somewhat of a slacker. There is something physical going on & I feel like if I had tried to force myself to workout, I might have passed out or something. & no I'm not missing any meds or anything. Maybe it's just all this bleeding that's causing some kind of temporary inbalance.

Yesterday I did manage to do my Bible study before I became a semi zombie. I am feeling a bit better as I type but I still don't feel up to tackling the treadmill. I am making a little bit of progress though. My first week, I did it once. Last week I did 20 minutes 3 times. Still not optimum, but making some strides.

Today since it's already evening I'm not sure how much,if anything, I'll actually get done, but my plan is to try to do as much of my usual wanna do's as I can, plus start getting thank you notes written for me & have the kids do some too. Dinner will be hot roast beef sandwiches, chips, baby carrots & celery slices tonight. Pretty simple. I haven't started yet cuz Jim & the girls aren't home. Jim took Cory to a friend's house who lives about an hour away from us. Cory will be staying there for about a week. I think they must also be doing some other errands while they are out & about, but dinner won't take long to make, so that's fine.

Anyway, I will tackle what I can in between now & dinner & try not to lose more than a few gallons of blood in the process. lol. Sorry not trying to be gross. Just happens by default sometimes.

Ruby Tink ;-)

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